Clients Handling

Our Company has more different kind of clients.The wide range of our products and services gives us the possibilty to contact and find the best clients on the swissmarket.We are working with our best resources to satisfy our client,bringing always new products in our selling program and respecting the hightest quality standard and norms. Our materials are all original , where implemeted, the firmware is original and our suppliers are selected with our most accuracy regarding the quality and assistance after selling.All our products are guaranteed as the producer specification.

If you have any kind of question , please contact us with our contact form.

Our Global Most Respected Clients Include

  • Upc Cablecom Most important TV Cable and Telecom operator Go to site
  • Swisscom TV IP TV Service of the most important Telecom provider. Go to site
  • Dr. Fischer Gruppe One of the most important lamps producer Worldwide. Go to site
  • Swisscable Association Cable and Telecom Association in Switzerland. Go to site
  • Digital Cable Group Cable TV and Telecom Group in Switzerland . Go to site
  • Technische Betriebe Wil IP TV and Telecom Provider from city of Wil in Canton Sankt Gallen. Go to site
  • Telegeneve Naxoo Cable TV and Telecom Provider from Geneva City. Go to site
  • Geneva Airport Geneva International Airport. Department of Lighting. Go to site
  • Geneva City Geneva City department of Lighting. Go to site